Shootout in Akwa Ibom Assembly

Akwa IbomAKWA Ibom Assembly Factional ‘Speaker’ of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, Mr Nse Ntuen and four other APC lawmakers who claimed to have impeached the elected Speaker Onofiok Luke, have been dislodged and chased out of the Assembly by security details attached to the governor.

The rebel group had arrived the complex early Tuesday to commence the session but were intercepted by security forces who accompanied the governor to the Assembly following security tips that the opposition lawmakers were about to hijack the proceedings in the House to impeachment moves against the governor.

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The aggrieved APC members, it was gathered, were said to be aided by security personnel to gain entrance into Assembly chambers where they sat to commence impeachment processes against the governor.

Shootout between the governor’s security and the rebels ensued, leading to beating of Ntuen and Victor Udofia, the member representing Ikono state constituency, while others fled.

Their official vehicles were smashed as they tried escaping from the Assembly ground.

However, the arrival of the governor restored calm and allowed Speaker Luke and other PDP lawmakers sat under the guard of the governor, who stood until the proceedings were done.

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