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Okadabooks For The Week


Nonfiction works are written specifically to help develop you physically, financially, mentally, and even help re-shapen your relationship end goals will leave you with lots of ‘Aha’ and ‘wow’ moments.


We have made some choices of interesting books for you to read below:

The Stars Are Ageless by Omoni Oboli
This recently released book made it very fast to our number one bestselling book for the week and has received a lot of beautiful reviews.

It is the story of a young woman who decides love is, after all, the best gift that one can ever give or receive. It tells of a daughter who knows come what come may, she must repay her mother’s sacrifices. Have you ever wondered what it means to be accused of stealing your own creation?

Omoni Oboli is a woman who believes strongly herself in faith, family and true friendship. She has played as many roles on the big screen. But we all know that while a movie ends, life goes on.

The Stars are Ageless presents the true story of the woman hailed as “The Box Office Queen” of Nigerian cinema. These life experiences shaped Omoni into who she is.

Get it here 


Unbroken; Channeling the Power of the Mind by John Onche Shaibu

Have you noticed that it is becoming terribly difficult to not run into least one man or woman who laments about the hardship in the country, or the annoying fact that they have no money in their possession to take care of their basic needs?

There are thousands upon thousands of people affected either by the economic situation, personal issues or even health-related challenges. You constantly meet people who throw their frustrations on you in form of insults and sometimes, physical violence. What is the solution?

The human mind is capable of doing so many great things but when a man loses control of his mind, he is reduced to a mere mortal who is regulated by his environment. The control of the mind can be regarded as the first intellectual step to self-awareness and self-help.

Have you ever heard that “whatever the mind thinks and conceives it attracts and creates?

This book teaches you the secret to self-control and how to unlock the power and riches in your mind. It also teaches you how to push fear aside to stick to the positive voice that speaks in your head.
Get it here



From the Shadows: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal by Elizabeth Onyeabor

How do you go from being suicidal to being a well of happiness, inspiration, and motivation?

The author, scared of what those around her might think, hid her chronic depression from everyone, including herself. It wasn’t until crisis struck, that her closest confidantes knew she wished to end her sorrows and pain by committing suicide.

In her book, “From the Shadows,” she brings to light the questions that hunted her enough for her to confront them. She dug out the root causes of her experience and then presented a map of the complicated or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself. She unlocked her inner wealth by facing the wraiths that held keys to her long forgotten past.

You should join in her journey, as you may uncover a few treasures of your own; treasures that will help you break out from the nightmares that currently hunts you.

As the author shares the story of her rebirth, I hope it lures you in a place of comfort and lightens your load. You’re welcome to join in this journey to renew.
Get it here


In The Meantime (A guide For The Mature Single) by Abisola Omeje
Are you a mature single hoping to find that special prince or princess, then this is for you. Why do we believe Abisola Omeje is the right person to give you the step by step guide to your happily ever after?

The author is a Certified Relationship Coach and Matchmaker who has spent more than a decade of her life supporting, encouraging, interviewing, coaching and matchmaking events for singles.

Now that’s why.

With her experience all these years, she has had access to the deep, uncensored thoughts of both genders regarding their relationship concerns, and it is from her wealth of experience she put this book together, to help you too.

This book is written to help you stop going in the circle of repeated mistakes, as these mistakes do not help to build a lasting relationship.

This book is deep and uncensored, it will land you that first class happily ever after you thought only to exist in Disney land.
Get it here



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