Advice for Oyo governor-elect


I do not know Engineer Seyi Makinde but I know of his philanthropic activities. The governor-elect choose to do good than evil and no doubt; God will back him up if he allows the spirit of God to lead him, if he listens to sane advice and always walks with God.

My candid advice to him is about rural areas of the state.  He should engage in the development of rural areas. This is primarily important for many reasons; if rural areas are developed, people will not be trooping to major cities and causing diverse problems due to over population.

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I know a town between Ibadan and Oyo called Fiditi, it is a town that had been fighting for education in Nigeria since early 1900 and had turned out lots of virtuous citizens in Western region of Nigeria and as a whole in those old days. If there is a university in Fiditi and there are developmental infrastructures that will aid businesses in rural areas, there will be less people swamping the major cities. If there is a university in Oke-Ogun, it will minimise the citizens flocking the major cities. If you develop rural areas in Oyo state, your tenure will be successful.

Lastly, I encourage investment in agriculture both cash and arable crops. Massive planting of cocoa, coffee, palm trees will bring Oyo state back to its old glory. It will enhance our foreign exchange and put Oyo state on top.

Elder Niran Alao                                           

Osun State

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