Between the steering and the road

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A. The same thing applies to an actor/actress adjudged relevant based on his/Her last Movie.

If we look deeper into these strings and patches just as you would in an App, you will realize that the network of threads in the tapestry of excellence is highly dependent on what is both better and different.

There is a reason why many things we copy verbatim from others won’t make us great. Certainly most recycled programmes, policies and actions from the waste bins of the past won’t work now, nor will they be appreciated by today’s generation.

Anachronistic programmes that reveal our comfort in the past and the fear of the unknown will only cost us innocent lives. This is why technology (innovation) is defined as the state of human knowledge which is never stagnant but ever developing in a transient fashion.

The key is in innovation. How innovative are you on that venture you are so passionate about? There was a time when the internet only worked as dial-up. You can’t receive phone calls while on the internet then but look at what we have today…better communication devices that are mobile and cordless bundled with internet capabilities in a better and different way, thus making our world smaller and more connected.

Great value is also being curated as people now spend more on the satisfaction derived from using a product or subscribing to a service (utility). Many authors and researchers of repute believe that there’s still plenty of room for digital innovations to impact our world. But they won’t simply be a replacement for what we have now. They only earn widespread engagement when they’re much better than the status quo they replace and the only way they can be better is when they’re different.

The art and science of learning to write for those who don’t read, or teach those who learn differently would require deeper effort and innovation in finding something better and different. Something that engages and guarantees satisfaction enough to elicit the ownership drive needed from the beholder.

What are you doing better and differently? Are you making the needed connection or forcing a sand trade in the desert? It need not be just about the attention (first impression) but engagement, enrollment, trust and finally permission.

The race must never be about going viral or make a bunch of noise, the quick hit and inflammation. This can be insufficiently frustrating if not followed by enrollment as a reward for engagement.

The readers, audience and followers must be willing to go with you to where you are headed. Trust earns you the befit of the doubt and permission stipulates that you don’t have to prove yourself all the time as you have earned your stripes over time for delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages.

Can we then interoculate these with what we have now as saddled with a lying administration? Can we say we are doing something better and different by forcing a programme, that has outlived its usefulness in the current scheme of things, on the people despite the fact that human rights are grossly being abused and the laws of the land is constantly being contravened by supposed law enforcers?

You may be dealing with a narcissist the moment you start to doubt yourself because those at the helms are saying your reality is different from what you already know (A scenario often termed “Crazy Making”).

A progressive nation is that which empower her youth to make art and we must understand that art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth.

We must remember that only a person who never learned to trust confuses intensity with intimacy, obsession with care, and control with security. Abusers will forever be attracted to your strengths so that they can destroy them. People who are afraid of the new will forever cling unto the old (familiar) and won’t mind stagnating an entire country to remain in a state of control.

“It is time to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, none but ourself can free our minds.” – Bob Marley

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