Okadabooks for the week

It is another lovely weekend, and this time we have picked out the loveliest of books for your relaxation, information, education and self-love. See them below:



Boss Up!  By Chika Ike

When popular actress, Chika Ike, announced that she was releasing a book, we weren’t too sure what to expect. And then we had a cover reveal and the title. Things were starting to get interesting. Now that the book is out, we are totally blown away.

Boss UP! by Chika Ike, focuses on the obstacles we all face in our daily lives, our businesses, relationship issues and much more. These obstacles could be fear, money issues, self-esteem issues and other limiting factors we allow our minds impose on us.

The experiences shared in ‘Boss Up!’ belong to Chika Ike, centering on her failures, people’s betrayal, how lack of confidence and self hate made her shy away from her dreams, and how changing her attitude to life, as well as her ambitions, helped her get on the right path.

It isn’t child’s play to be popular and successful. But if she could do it, then you can too.

This book is a guide for your steps towards a successful life. It will teach you how to find your way around obstacles and change your attitude for a better tomorrow.


Read it here


Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi

Being different is one thing. Staying different is another. Ada is born in southern Nigeria to parents who find themselves deeply concerned about her well being. She is constantly ill and has one leg on the other side of life.

Her parents, however, are relieved when they are finally able to pray life and health into her. Ada is alive and well. But something else is wrong.

Ada is now violent, displaying severe fits of anger. Gradually, she starts to develop separate selves; a case of multiple personality disorder.

Things don’t end there. When Ada travels abroad for further studies, a traumatic event changes things for the worse. She doesn’t just have separate selves anymore, but her calm and clear thinking self is forced to fade into the background, while the self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking, unrestrained self, runs wild.

Now Ada finds her life heading in a very dangerous direction, and she’s not sure she can stop this evil.

This novel is written with creative brilliance and portrayed in a stylistic way that is raw, extraordinary, attention-grabbing, heart-wrenching, dark and mysterious.

This book will keep you glued as the pictures form in your head. For all you know, you just might be watching(reading) a very intense episode of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.


Read it here


The Gathering Of The Tribes By Evans Ufeli

If you ever loved reading ‘Things Fall Apart,’ then you will surely enjoy reading Evans Ufeli’s ‘The Gathering of The Tribes.’

Anieze community suffers a great deal at the hands of very greedy politicians who enrich themselves with public funds and leave the villagers in abject poverty, without good schools or even a hospital.

The government, having being paid over 1 billion dollars in the space of 8 years, by an American mining company operating in the community, still lies to the people about lack of funds.

Ike joins his friends, a group of progressive patriots, who wouldn’t stop until they have successfully educated the people of Anieze of their rights, and why they should demand better living conditions from the government.

Election is around the corner and the government, still very greedy, will do everything to stay in power. He fights off his political enemies, as well as Ike and his tribesmen, one after the other. But as long as the power to elect stay with the people, will he succeed?

This book is timely and an eye opener for Nigerians. The elections are coming up soon,  and this book shows us a very dogged way we can fight for our future.


Read it here.



From Social Media Misfit to Social Media Hero by Olori Supergal

When I first read about Tosin Ajibade, owner of Olori Supergal Blog, I was inspired by her story. Years later, she has released a book that details her experiences venturing into her online business, and how she overcame.

This book outlines her challenges, at a time where Nigerians weren’t really into internet stuff. And so she hardly had the support of those around her, neither did she really have people, mentors she could talk with until a few years after. People used to tell her to go get a real job and stop being lazy.

Today, she is an expert, making so much from her business and training people all over the world.

You just have to read this book if you’re planning to start and grow your business on social media.


Read it here.

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