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Winning the race to the bottom of chasm of despair

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Many human behavioural studies show that animals may not wear clothes yet they are not ashamed. This is because shame is usually caused by a collision between our behavior and our culture. Society uses shame to enforce norms and sets standards but to those in the forest, there may not be a lot of shame.

In the past few years till date some researchers have mapped the collapse of civility in our society. They have measured the trajectory of our descent into lawlessness as a nation. The consequences of political illiteracy is taking a huge toll on the people and they are paying dearly for it, occasionally with their lives and those of the people they love.

Nothing good comes from psychopathic rulership or unconscionable political system void of ideology that fails in its fundamental obligation to protect the lives of the people. Given that psychopaths live and breathe in the realm of fantasy, they have no concept of caring for anyone but themselves and their cherished throne (Regime Security prioritized over National Security).

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The main goal usually under this kind of rulership is to weaken the populace and create dependency. The idea is to become stronger at playing the paternalistic role that perpetuate them in power. It is a game of superiority by comparison while preying on the people’s vulnerabilities. This is the only reality that counts for them and the only reality they know.

Unfortunately, this pattern has mutated and birthed covens within our institutions forming sporadic pods of bourgeoning anarchists deploying our national institutions to the agenda of their identity politics of hate.

Yet we wonder why they feel rage when their sense of entitlement is curbed. Whether we are talking about police (militarized monopoly of violence), Governors or anyone in position of authority, the narcissistic reaction is the same. It is all about what they want and what they hope to take.

Our fatherland is now a hunting field of innocent citizens, where an open season has been declared. Our cities are now a place to mine for law enforcers divorced from the law. It is all about illegal raids and ransom collection on the daily, while the powers that be play dead. This has now caked as a culture.

Like a child they can not hear the word No, without throwing tantrums, and helping themselves to whatever they perceive as narcissistic supply, without regard for law or boundaries. These are trigger happy con-men, kidnappers and armed robbers allowed to feed on the blood of the innocent. Yet our religious leaders are mum, Governors elusive and politicians playing dead.

Professionalism is out of the window, hospitals now contributing to the murderous spree killing the innocent victims brought to them unconscionably and grandstanding despite their unprofessional conduct. We are in the period of the biblical Judges where “every man does what seemeth right in their own eyes.”

Could this be where we throw in the towel and become despondent? Do we give in to despair by joining the race to the bottom of the chasm?

Of course not. Crisis is the fire that turns us into Gold. This is the birthing period where we discover ourselves and begin to apply our gifting sad sharpened by the acquired skills. Just maybe this is the reason why you are alive at this point in our nationhood.

The question is “what is in your hand?” For Moses it was the rod that can barely keep the sheep in line yet he used it to deliver the Israelites. For the Williams sister it is a Racket, for Tiger Woods, it is a Golf Club, for Michael Jordan it was Basketball…what is it that you do that makes time fly by? What do you love and are best at? What activity has your name on it? What does society need now that they will be glad to empty their account for? This is what is needed now having attained maturity (10,000 hours of practice towards perfection).

Arise, O Compariots, Nigeria’s Call Obey…it is time to duly serve our fatherland. Are you ready?!

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