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Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and matters arising


Without being economical with the truth, Nnamdi Kanu’s case, just like that of the Ogoni 9 is purely a Presidency affair, but, it must also be said that the execution of the bench warrant issued against Kanu for jumping bail by the court of law is in order.

Though the right to self-determination is internationally recognised, but the agitation to enforce such right must be done within the prism of the law. However, Nnamdi Kanu has taken his agitation beyond the realm of the law to the extent that he was placing #100m bounty on the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike to be given to anyone that can kill him, calling on his followers in the South East to be killing and maiming people. These amongst other activities being carried out by him after he had jumped bail do not speak well of a people clamouring for secession and they make up serious offences.

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I have read quite several reactions against the enforcement of the court order from different angles, but; I believe his arrest is inevitable in order to curb his activities and maintain sanity in the country, most especially the South Eastern part of the country. But, what I have been able to realise while studying the chain of reactions against the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu is that the Nigerian people have lost the confidence they are expected to have in this administration. The country has never been this divided!

To read that some persons could condemn the arrest of someone whose utterances have cost the country hundreds of lives and properties while sighting the inability/failure of the Federal Government to put an end to the activities of blood-sucking Fulani vampires shows that we have lost it as a people. Buhari and the occupiers of the rocky height have failed to come to terms with the fact that the tail does not wag the dog, the dog does. So, they are out of touch with reality.

It is most pathetic that the President has revealed to the entire world that he is pro-Fulani and that he will do everything to protect their interests without considering the fact that ours is a heterogenous country. As it stands today, Buhari is distant and too disconnected from the people and he does not care about their yearnings and desires as is expected of a leader.

History has afforded Buhari the opportunity to write his name in gold, but, with all indications, it seems Buhari has chosen to write it on marble of infamy. But, it is not too late for him to enthrone social justice, equity and mutual religious and inter-ethnic tolerance and respect in order for the people to have respect in this government, and, this include paying critical attention to the call for restructuring as that will help re-engineer the weak fabric of Nigeria.

Israel (GANI) writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.

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