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Okadabooks for the Weekend


Because we want only the best reads for you, this weekend pick is filled with the hilarious activities of a Supermom who can read minds, the after effects of rape and the healing process, a dead man who happens to be alive and brings death with him, and an Uber driver that found himself in a life changing ride, while sharing details of his private life with a total stranger.



I assure you. These awesome reads will keep you glued to your phone all weekend, and then leave you with laughter and fulfilment.



Supermom, Her Kryptonite and The Tales That Follow by Sandra Ojiako.

Supermom is actually supper. But after going through an ordeal that makes her feel ordinary, one of her super powers, mind reading, comes to her rescue, making her unique again. Supermom’s tales are cooked in humour, served creatively, and eaten with joy.

This three-part story will make you laugh your head off, as it makes motherhood seem like the most humorous thing on earth.

This may sound weird to you, but reading this book will help you unwind from the stress of motherhood

Read it here



Broken by Ufuomaee:

One can never over emphasise on the need to look out for and protect children, in this case the girl child, from being molested. The effects are terrible.

Promise, at a very tender age,  is molested by an uncle. This affects her terribly, as she grows up to be very promiscuous, offering her spread out legs to anyone for the good things of life.

But then, she meets Ope, a Christian man who practices celibacy, and in her attempts to make him fall, she falls in love…

Unfortunately, married life is not all mushy, as she dreamed it would be. Ope, Unfortunately, cannot satisfy her sexual needs. Promise is convinced the marriage isn’t what she signed up for. She moves to get a divorce, but Ope doesn’t believe in it.

In her struggle for freedom, she discovers the depths of her own wickedness, as she seeks to break the man she once loved fervently. Broken is a story about broken people who break others, and the divine power of love that conquers all.

I can’t believe I cried reading this. That’s how emotional I got. But then, this story is a message of hope and restoration.

Read it here




Francis Is Alive by Moshood Adebayo

Francis Is Alive portrays the return of the most dangerous man in the world; one who everyone thought was dead. Unfortunately, he is found at the center of world leaders’ debate determining the fate of a World War.

Of course, the people are shocked, as his resurrection from seeming death brings along with it, a love story, a paranormal haunt, endless games of horrific assassinations and a disturbingly increased crime rate in the streets of Lagos.

This book, filled with romance, intrigues, action, mystery, and suspense, reads like a first class Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Read it here




Confessions of a Kenyan Uber Driver  Author: Charles Chanchori


What do you do, when your girlfriend cheats on you with the choirboy? But you forgave her anyway and still went ahead to marry her. Then she cheats again on you, with a pastor?

Daniel is a a regular Uber driver about to close for the day, when he gets an order for a ride. But Seriously. Time is far spent, about 11:00 PM. All he wants to do is get home to his cheating wife and innocent kids before the clock hits 12:00. But then, the person who had placed the order calls before he can turn around. The conversation that follows makes you suspicious. But the events that follows becomes a life changing one for not only Daniel, but for you, the reader.

Read it here

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