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2019 and the menace of hoodlums


The insecurity situation of the country is worsening by the day on account of job losses and escalating youth unemployment. It is purely a reflection of bad economy; many people seem to agree.

Bandits are all over the place dispensing miseries. Blood-letting has become a pastime in the country. It seems now that bandits are in possession of bigger guns than what is available to security agents. With the level of anger being shown by many individual politicians over perceived ill-treatment by their party leadership, and threat to deal with those they perceive are behind their political woes, they may resort to hiring of hoodlums, who they may also arm with dangerous guns to do their bidding.

When in 2011 Buhari said that the “dog and baboon” would soak in their own blood, he was not referring to animals in the real sense of the word. He was referring to lesser mortals with the capacity to do street fights without qualms. He was talking about animals in human skin who have no “brain” of their own but manipulated and teleguided.

These “dogs and baboons”are the youth that went on a killing spree as soon as Buhari lost the presidential election in 2011. These dogs and baboons are waiting in the wings to unleash mayhem in equal measure or even beyond the experience of 2011.

A lot has dreadfully changed between 2011 and now. Many youths are now more deprived than they were then; they are now more ethnic-conscious than then; the country is now more divided than it was eight years ago. The texture of politicking has changed. Hatred level has now been elevated to statecraft and hate speech has almost become a national anthem. The jobless youths are being prepared to go full blown into thuggery. The vibrations are already being felt across the length and breadth of the country.

A large number of the elite group in Nigeria do not vote. Their children do not vote. On Election Day, they sit back in their cozyparlours in front of giant-sized television screen to watch what goes on. They are bothered about the election to the extent that their candidates win by hook or crook. And usually, they know the outcome of the election before the voting begins. In the event there’s a change in their calculation and plan, they unleash their “dogs and baboons” to move into action. 2019 may not be different.

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