African Heritage calls for retraing of trainer and involvement of academia in policy formulation

Over fifty six (56) lecturers, including heads of departments of Economics, young lecturers and post graduate students are receiving intensive Training to upgrade their analytical views on issues as it affects the society, at the African Heritage Institution Enugu.

African Heritage is a socioeconomic and political analytical institution located in Enugu.

The workshop which would last for 5 days was informed because of the poor education policy of the country that does not give room for the young lecturers to acquire the necessary knowledge required to develop the economy and empower their students properly.
Speaking to businessday the Executive Director of African Heritage Ufo Okeke-Uzodike at the opening ceremony of the workshop Said the Training Taged ” 2018 Train- the- Trainers workshop” was organised by the institution free of charge as part of her social responsibility to the society, pointing that the lecturers were drawn from various Universities and other tertiary institutions across the country.

According to him the institution had mapped out plans to sustained the workshop yearly as much as their finance could carry them on other programs that would have direct or indirect impact on the society such as governance and migration in Africa among others and not only in economic analysis.

“Based on the poor education policy and standard in Nigeria the lectures need to be retrained to enable them grow up and become serious contributors to the country through quality analysis on issues, because one can not give what he does not have”. He noted.
Uzodike appealed to the academia to assist the country by participating actively in policy formulation in order to accurately measure their impact on the people saying that policy can not be formulated through fiat.
He said that the problem the country is facing today in terms of policy and implementation was because the academia left the policy formation and implementation in the hands of politicians, hence most policies are not well articulated and implemented to have positive impact on the people and economic development of Nigeria and Nigerians.

He called for an urgent change on the way accumulations of the country’s policies had negatively the political economic structure of the nation.
He explained that for a clear intension of growing the economy and solving immediate challenges facing the country the academia must get close to government and participate in policy formulation to ensure positive direction for the country.


Regis Aukwuoji/Enugu

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