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Church leaders must give youths chance to thrive —Otusanya


OtusanyaProphet Femi Otusanya, popularly known as Omo Majemu is the visionary of the True Covenant Church of God (TCCG), Ikorodu, Lagos State. He speaks on his sojourn in God’s vineyard with SEYI SOKOYA.


You were recently consecrated as the youngest bishop, how do you feel about your elevation?

I thank God for everything. It has been the grace of God to attain the exalted position in the Christendom. I was overwhelmed by the elevation. It shows that God is involved; an evidence that the grace of God dwells in my life and upon the ministry. The Association of Nigerian Bishops and Soul Winners Ministry asked me to prepare for the consecration ceremony within 22 days; it was as if the show was not real, but God eventually had His way. It was glorious. However, this new office will not affect my commitment to diligence to God’s work, as well as my humility; it will make me to do more for God.


How did you get the offer given your young age?

I was informed about it through a letter and later called for an interview. The first thing I did was to take it to God and ask His prayers if He was truly involved in it. I had a voice while praying that I accept it, because He wants to use the office to liberate the world. So, I accepted the nomination and at the end of the day, I was chosen even in the midst of challenges. Some individuals even thought that I might be disqualified during the process because of my age. God proved Himself even though, age is one of the main criteria for the office. Beside age,  that will determine numbers of years, one  must have spent seven years in the ministry. The two criteria could have disqualified me outright, but God broke all the protocols to favour me.

The proliferation of churches has become worrisome. Don’t you think the planting of independent churches is risk for Christians going by increasing cases of scandal among clerics and their followers?

I don’t see this as strange because Jesus told us in the scriptures that we will encounter all these as part of the signs of the end-time. Fake prophets will arise and even saints might be deceived if they are not careful enough. Such set of people don’t have the fear God and a lot of them don’t have the calling. Their main purpose is to amass wealth and become famous through the ministry. Some have the calling, but [they] don’t stand for the truth, and the Holy Spirit in them. Holy Spirit that will direct one’s path. This is what Jesus Christ told his disciples. “I am going, but I will send a comforter to you, to correct, direct and teach you.” That is a revelation, but many clerics have refused to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is not as if I am condemning fellow pastors, but we need to open the eyes of those that are backsliding to repent. Our responsibility or relationship with God should not be altered sins, temptations and affluence.


Some of church leaders find it difficult to hand over to the younger generation because of lack of trust. How will you react to this?

Firstly, I frowned on the issue of 70 years and 20 for church leaders which was brought up. I made the government realise that it was wrong to tell any church leader to resign, because they are not called into the ministry by the government. Some clerics might not be doing the right thing, but the judgment of any cleric or church leader is not in the hands of any government except God. That is what the Bible says. God appointed them. Back to your question, Let me tell you, God is raising up His people. I’m one of the new generational clerics that God wants to use in this country. God has revealed that to me. But, how many younger pastors are ready to take the cross? Many younger men prefer to venture into politics than to become a cleric. Some are even wining and dining with politicians, because they want to make it at all costs. I have dedicated my entire life to God. This is one of the reasons I have relocated to the church premises in the last five years. I take orders from God and I am much concerned about winning souls into the Kingdom of God. If we can have younger generation clerics that are focused as this, I believe that the church will be safe in their hands. I so much believe in God. This is what we stand for in this ministry and it is indicated in the brand of the church; out logo comprises three things-the earth, Bible and Crown.


You have recorded a lot of successes, despite your little experience in the vineyard. Don’t you think this is too much for you?

I think the secret behind that is because I have God’s backing. I did not push myself into the ministry; it is a divine call even right from my mother’s womb. She told she had a revelation that I am a covenant child and that I would become a cleric and as God would have it, despite my entire journey in life, I still ended up in what I have been predestined to do. My greatest joy is that I quickly discovered myself early in life. I have designed my life according to the directive of God and I don’t do anything without His consent. I thank God for how far He has brought us in the ministry. The church has grown in leaps and bound; we have branches in major parts of Lagos and beyond the shores of the country. We have a branch in Cotonou, in Togo, and in South Africa within seven years. God has been using me at the age of 12 and He has been manifesting through the ministry. My focus is to spread the gospel and liberate the world with power. So, I have no regrets doing the will of God since I dumped Accounting. Though it was not easy for me, because I was one of the promising accountants, I had to give everything for God, when He said it was time for me. I remembered that I almost ran into problem in my place of work before I resigned despite efforts by my boss to dissuade me.


What are your plans with this your new office?

The office of the bishop will do a lot in achieving greater results. I have a lot of things for the Christendom. I want more unity and love among us. This is why I have made my ministry an interdenominational church. We are one in Christ and we must always be united. Part of my mission is to penetrate the youth. I want to make them realise that it is time we championed Christianity. I am glad that I am one of the ambassadors of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and my plan is to preach to all youths against drug abuse and any related crimes. I am not relenting on the mission. We are moving to all tertiary institutions and I am confident that God will touch people’s hearts.

This is how we can encourage the younger generation in the church and make them become useful in the vineyard, because it is important we give the youth space in the church.

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